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Turbolocator operates on the principle of an ordinary optical rangefinder used, for example, for focusing in the cameras like “Vigilant” or FAD, which are called “alyuminii”. The same principle is constructed and the mechanism of our vision: we look at the subject from two points, our vision is binocular. “Binos” — the Greek for “two”. If for some reason, one eye sees worse, it is much harder to determine the subject distance and generally oriented in space.

The only poisonous snake is not only our latitude, but most of the territory of the country of adder — distinct signs of turbolocator, i.e. pits on the head, no. However, the Viper, and alcoholemia, well-versed in the dark. Darevsky I. S. considers heat & smoke detectors are located by the vipers right into the scalp.

Best of all, the serpent smell. Hitting poison the prey, she is in no hurry to catch up with the doomed victim. Nevertheless soon will definitely find it on the trail, and accurately determines the direction, even if there are a lot of other similar marks.

Other adults, especially guys, unnecessarily and precautions are taken to examine bird nests, abandoned burrows and hollows, putting my hands under driftwood and rocks where they can hide the Viper. And those fearing an attack, they use teeth.

Not just vipers, but all other types of poisonous snakes found in the borders of our country, the first in humans do not attack. These words belong to the venomous snake expert, associate Professor A. D. Non-dalkova over the course of their work perfectly studied the habits of these interesting animals.

What to do if suddenly being presented with something similar to a serpent? First of all you should not rush — sudden movements scare the snake, she could attack. Stop and allow the creature to leave. In this case, try to define exactly who is met: the Viper, so blind worm or? It can be seen in most parts of the country.

The blind worm, or medenica, which by mistake is very often simply called the verdigris, completely harmless legless lizard, which, like its cousin, the sand lizard, in case of danger leaves the enemy your tail. The pupil of the eye is round, as in ordinary lizards, and many domestic animals, except cats. The blind worm, especially males, like a piece of jewellery made of precious metal, and shines Golden

and bronze. Only the abdomen is bluish. Head, speaking the language of herpetologists — scientists who study snakes, not demarcated from the body. Hence the name “slow — worm”, as there are some similarities with the spindle. His eyes were vermenizi can be closed membranous eyelids.

What’s different about the Viper? Her head prelucrata from top to bottom and clearly demarcated from the body. Unblinking gaze — eyelids fused and became transparent, continuously protecting the eyes, like the glass on the instruments. The most important difference — the pupil of the eyes of vipers are not round, but in the form of vertical slits, like a cat. Viper, usually painted the color of the area where she lives. On peatlands it is rusty reddish-brown (but without metallic sheen), grey moss grey with a colorful scalloped pattern along the body, blockages in black — black, without a pattern. In this case, it can be confused with a snake. In the mid-latitudes and to the South you can see another one a Copperhead, the color and shape is similar to a reddish-brown Viper. The Copperhead has teeth, she desperately bite, if it’s attacked, but her bites are not dangerous, because snakes have no poisonous glands.

So, to his misfortune, looks very similar to black Viper. He and the head separated. However, the pupil of the eye is round, as in lizards. In addition to this harmless lover’s wet heat and the frogs not to be confused with black Viper, nature provided the back-side of his head bright yellow or light gray spots. It is an interesting and, I think, not without curiosity being. It is easy to get along with a person, and as if in gratitude very properly executes the duties of our staff myshelova, cat.

. At the junction of day and evening, and morning, at some elusive point seemed to turn on invisible heavenly tennial. It happens in the theatre before the show. The snow was bluish, and his eyes to tears cutting bright light reflection. Only it was hot in the sun and on ditch briskly rushed a stream, were the blue snow pond. A moment passes by moment. And I feel the light fading, blush, dark glasses dark, quiet brook and fingers are getting cold from the cold. But breathing is still easy. Gave purple and scarlet sunset the next day promised even more spring day of spring and the new interesting meeting on a forest trail.

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