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Extreme situation. Venomous snakes and lizards

A large variety of venomous snakes occur in the tropics, however, some space of the globe completely devoid of poisonous snakes, including New Zealand, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Polynesian Islands. Some species of snakes are more aggressive than others, and can attack with no visible signs of provocation. However, aggression is the exception rather than the rule. The danger from snakes cannot be ignored in areas of high temperature where they are active day and night during the hot months. In cold weather they are passive or hibernate. In arid and semi-arid lands of the snake is more active early in the morning, afternoon they behave sluggish and hiding in the shadows. Many snakes are active only at night.

Considered the most poisonous vipers from Europe, Asia and Africa; copper-red and cotton, maksinova snakes in North America; shrubby and some other varieties in the American tropics. This is a long snake with venomous teeth.

Ordinary vipers and vipers “trench” (found in the pits) typically have a stout body and flat head.

Widely known varieties of the present (normal) vipers are found only in Europe, the Russell’s Viper in India, Viper with a hood in South Africa, American Viper — in dry areas of Africa and Arabia, Gabon-sky in tropical Africa. – Snake bite-of this group of snakes is very dangerous and is accompanied by increasing ony -colu as the poison penetrates the tissues.

Poisonous snake with a short tooth. Since teeth .’ individuals in this group are relatively short, and even light) clothing reduces the danger of their bite to humans. To this ; aupe Korotkikh snakes include the Cobra, the “krait” and coral snakes. They constitute the majority of snakes encountered OSISA in Australia, and many of their varieties are available in India, Malaysia, Africa and New Guinea.

Cobra. There are more than 10 species of cobras, all of them are found in Africa and Asia. They are all capable, to a greater or lesser extent, to do “the rack”. The biggest of all poisonous snakes is the king Cobra. Cobra venom of such snakes and it mainly affects the nervous system, and the pain of the bite is felt some time later. Some species, e.g.’s a black-throated Cobra (Naja nigricollis), Oleinikova Cobra (Haemachatus haemachatus), one subspecies of the Indian spectacled snake (Naja naja sputatrix), can strike its prey at a distance. Dramatically reducing the temporal muscles, the snake can create a poisonous gland in the pressure to 1.5 atmospheres, and the poison vybrazhivaet two thin streams that are two feet merge into one. In case of contact poison on the mucous membrane of the eye is developing all the while tocomplex poisoning.

The extreme situation. Most adawiyya snakes tropical zones

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