What snake?

Now, under Starocherkasskaya just a lot of snakes, and the fishermen complain, and people are afraid. Maybe this is a useful creature? Fishermen like rasskazhut bikes, what with the beheading of two large tooth sticking out in my head, conclude – of gamucci.

Today I saw dozens of these creatures, as well as too. The question is it poisonous? Useful or snake? Don really seems to say, but the Viper is quite difficult to distinguish, maybe there are zoologists who will be able to tell the difference?


Like the snakes.

“However, the expert will always distinguish the snake from the Viper on the General appearance. It is a slender snake with a long tail, reaching lengths of up to a meter or more. Living in the Rostov area, steppe Viper is a small snake. Usually adults do not exceed 30-35 cm. The body of the Viper is more awkward than the snake. Well expressed in a short thin tail. On close examination, visible another sign: the snakes, the pupil round, and the vipers are vertical that reveals them to be nocturnal animals.

In addition, snakes of both species adhere to the banks of ponds, wet swampy places. Steppe Viper is a denizen of the dry steppes. It can not be found in reed thickets and on moist floodplain meadows. Vipers do not form such clusters, like water snakes on the banks of ponds.

Is it really harmless Zoological ignorance, the inability to distinguish harmless water snakes from the venomous and dangerous Viper? The fact is that such ignorance is often militant. For the purposes of collective security of fishermen and vacationers “brave” fighters beat snakes every year hundreds of water snakes and trophies proudly hang on the bushes. The sight of this, regularly observed in the vicinity of Tanais and other suburbs of Rostov, depressing and is a “barbaric invasion for the sensitive the natural world”.”

It is a snake of medium size, its body length ranges from 30 to 50 cm it Has a bright color from black to grey, and sometimes shades of brown. The eyes are large, pupil round. The underside is usually spotted. Drawing on a body of a snake in the form of small black or brown triangles. This snake is a daily way of life, the day it heats in the sun and evening and spends the night in the foliage or under some ruins. Often can be found the snake near water, because he needs the water environment. At the sight of danger so pretending to be dead, so it just may not notice it, as it does not produce any gestures. Despite the fact that it is the most harmless snake, do not try to take it up. In such attempts it tries to defend itself, it may throw on man as poisonous snakes, but no bites, and gives off a very unpleasant-smelling fluid from its intestines to scare the man.

Viper. The size of the vipers 75 centimeters, and sometimes up to 1 meter. Her body fat head in the form of a triangle. Eyeball it vertical. The most important thing worth noting is that on the front of the jaw are two large moving toxic tooth. They have a grey color (not bright). A characteristic pattern throughout the body of the Viper is a zigzag, and often the bottom of the tail has a yellowish tint. This snake lives in forests, ruins, stones. The night – most of the time hunting vipers. At the sight of danger the snake or starts to run away or throw herself at someone who broke her peace. Viper bite is very dangerous to health and life of any animal and man. The poison acts quickly enough, only the right to help can save the life and health of man

What snake?
Now, under Starocherkasskaya just a lot of snakes, and the fishermen complain, and people are afraid. Maybe this is a useful creature? Fishermen like rasskazhut bikes, what with the beheading…

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