Treatment of snakes

I am not surprised that a snake coils itself around the bowl and stick on symbols of healing. The reason is that its venom is worth more than gold.

In the legends of Ancient China, a huge serpent – dragon – founder of the first emperors, that is absolutely God’s creation. The first humans, according to African legend, could, like snakes, change old skin for new and live forever. Snakes used for medicinal purposes in Ancient Egypt and in Ancient Greece.

If we move on from fairy tales to science zootechnology . this is the “great and powerful” poison (although it is not yet fully understood by chemists), consists of proteins, enzymes and substances that affect the muscles, bones, nervous system, cardiac function, and increased movement of leukocytes.

Cobra venom relieves pain and spasms, acting better than morphine, but without causing addiction.

The venom of the Indian Viper and Viper instantly swerve the blood, even in hemophilia.

And the venom of the Malaysian vipers, by contrast, is on three weeks, paralysing the process of blood clotting . what can help in the treatment of thrombosis.

The largest snake is the king Cobra, the most poisonous Taipan, the most poisonous and fast – Mamba, the most heavy – tiger Python, and the common adder. And all of them can be used for peaceful purposes as they are treated – very effectively – Allergy, migraine, neirodermatit, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatism, diabetes, potency disorders, asthma, osteochondrosis, arthritis and much more.

“Daterape” is usually to receive courses of diluted snake venom, and from the obvious contraindications, except allergies to the venom, there is tuberculosis, heart disease and lack of coronary circulation, and pregnant women also poison water is not recommended.

The poison used in the form of ointments in many clinics and health centers, but these courses ecoterapia (taking poison inside, or smeatharpe (snake massage) is a rarity.

In the North of Israel, in the village of Talmei Elazar, has an unusual SPA resort “Ada Barak”s Carnivorous Plant Farm”.

The owner of Ada Barak made non-poisonous snakes on the deal: for 70-80 $ big or small reptiles (depending on the need for power of massage) will relieve the stress, the girl as the body and strengthen the spirit, which is especially useful for those who are afraid of snakes (ophidiophobia).

And they come here not only curious Israelis, but also many tourists – useful exotics and a sea of emotions. Access to Talmei-Elazar from Haifa and tel-Aviv – about 40 km, and from Jerusalem – 77 km away.

The Chinese – main snake Amateurs and professionals.

This year, China opened the world’s only “Snake Clinic” where the curative properties of snake used as soon as possible: and poisons, and tinctures, and internal organs, and even skin. In the village of Sishya (Zisiqiao) of Eastern Zhejiang province for many years there is the world’s biggest snake farm . The founder of Yang Hongchang farm began selling vipers, cobras and pythons 30 odd years ago (and breed them at home).

Other villagers living in this the serpent’s lair (snake there are over 3 million) are seeing in the Jan that this business is profitable and useful, and it is now 160 families bred, processed, dried, wine and strong liqueurs, they sell all sorts of dried liver and gizzards in a Chinese clinic and getting used to the pilgrimage wishing to improve their health. But in the last few years even seaproduct export to USA, South Korea, Germany and Japan.

If you want something more civilized and patapedia, in Germany two well-known clinics actively using drugs containing snake venom.


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