What are the Different types of Snakes?

What are the Different types of Snakes?

There are many different kinds of snakes in world, some poisonous and some of which are safe. Except in a few cases, telling the difference is difficult based solely on looks. Many different species of snakes included in the family Viperidae, Elapidae, Colubridae and Hydrophidae

the types of snakes known as Viperidae, or what many of us know as vipers, are found all over the world. The only areas of the world, which have not been found these types of snakes is Australia and Madagascar. These poisonous snakes have long hanging fangs that allow a snake to prescribe a deep bite into its victim. Some Viperidae include rattlesnakes, bushmasters, vipers, odnogolosyj snakes, and vipers. A bite from one of these snakes can cause any number of problems for the victim, including loss of blood, necrosis, swelling, and even destruction of normal blood clotting.

Other snake species include those in the family Elapidae, which are found primarily in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. These venomous snakes set, hollow fangs that can inject poison into the victim. These snakes can be quite small or very large. Some have been found to be only 7 inches (18 cm) long, while others can be as long as 19 ft (approximately 6 m) long. Most, however, average approximately 6.5 feet (2 m) in length. Some of the options Elapidae Continue reading

If the garden is infested snakes

Many gardeners think that Ukraine is not inhabited by poisonous snakes. Or, if they are, then is that somewhere in the dense forests of the Carpathians. However, this is not the case. Throughout the country there are tens of species snakes, some of which are deadly. Sometimes these snakes live in gardens, so this meeting, the gardener should be prepared.

Brand on the whole territory of Ukraine live snakes. The population we really are insignificant, and the majority of all reptiles – snakes are harmless. However, there are sometimes very dangerous individuals, some of which can settle in your garden or village.

Let’s first understand what a snake can crawl on your site, and what are they actually dangerous? In our latitudes, are common only a few species of snakes – grass snakes, Copperhead, snakes and vipers. And if the first three types do not represent a health hazard per se, the Viper can be a real threat to life. Of course, very rare, and rarely attack people.

However, the Viper bite poisoning acts on the internal organs, blood, respiratory system and other vital systems.

To distinguish the Viper from other non-poisonous snakes found in our area, the inexperienced person would be very difficult. At first glance, Continue reading

What snake?

Now, under Starocherkasskaya just a lot of snakes, and the fishermen complain, and people are afraid. Maybe this is a useful creature? Fishermen like rasskazhut bikes, what with the beheading of two large tooth sticking out in my head, conclude – of gamucci.

Today I saw dozens of these creatures, as well as too. The question is it poisonous? Useful or snake? Don really seems to say, but the Viper is quite difficult to distinguish, maybe there are zoologists who will be able to tell the difference?


Like the snakes.

“However, the expert will always distinguish the snake from the Viper on the General appearance. It is a slender snake with a long tail, reaching lengths of up to a meter or more. Living in the Rostov area, steppe Viper is a small snake. Usually adults do not exceed 30-35 cm. The body of the Viper is more awkward than the snake. Well expressed in a short thin tail. On close examination, visible another sign: the snakes, the pupil round, and the vipers are vertical that reveals them to be nocturnal animals. Continue reading

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