The Most dangerous snakes

Not all of us can determine precisely where the dangerous Viper, and where peace uzhik. And after all we are on holiday in the forest love to gather flowers in the field, travel in a hot country… And sometimes do not realize that there may lurk danger to our lives is a dangerous snake.

On Earth there are over 3 thousand species of snakes, among which, the fourth part relates to threat. They live all over the planet, except ice of Antarctica. Snake venom is a complex composition, the mixture of proteins. When injected into the animal or human body instantly affects the respiratory tract, can lead to blindness, thickens the blood or a tissue necrosis. The consequences of the bite depend on the type of snake.

Snakes never attack people first, in most cases they bite for defense. But still, it is very difficult to understand how to behave when meeting with a snake, especially because “reptiles” are different character – pissed, peaceful, aggressive… and tactics of different attacks – lightning strike, make this a very unclear way, without warning. This behavior of the snake as approved in the role of best predator.

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First aid for snake bites.

Unlikely to have at least one parent who is not worried about the bites of spiders, ants, wasps and, of course, snakes. It snakes arouse special fear, because inherent in us from childhood, the Association says that snakes are poisonous.

In fact, deaths from snake bite are fixed units and the shortage of cases of bites not so much. Usually with proper first aid and timely treatment to the clinic is a danger to a child’s life is minimal. Not the last role is played here by the fact that in Ukraine there are not so many poisonous snakes. To be precise, only one – the Viper.

In Ukraine, it is found five species of vipers. All of them are extremely poisonous, but their bites are usually not lethal, but unpleasant and threatening and long-term treatment. The Viper venom is very dangerous and toxicity comparable to the bite of a rattlesnake, but the Viper bite produces only a very small amount of poison in the human body. That is why the most dangerous snake bites are small children, when the concentration of the poison relative to body weight is quite high.

Avoid snake bites!

Of course, the chances of meeting a snake in the city is very low. Outside the city they increase slightly, but snakes don’t show aggression, and most prefer to quickly retreat from the meeting place with man. Thus, in the first Continue reading



Fig. 46. Psylocyba semilanceata

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Fig. 47. Patlaeolus subalteatus

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