The Most dangerous snakes

Not all of us can determine precisely where the dangerous Viper, and where peace uzhik. And after all we are on holiday in the forest love to gather flowers in the field, travel in a hot country… And sometimes do not realize that there may lurk danger to our lives is a dangerous snake.

On Earth there are over 3 thousand species of snakes, among which, the fourth part relates to threat. They live all over the planet, except ice of Antarctica. Snake venom is a complex composition, the mixture of proteins. When injected into the animal or human body instantly affects the respiratory tract, can lead to blindness, thickens the blood or a tissue necrosis. The consequences of the bite depend on the type of snake.

Snakes never attack people first, in most cases they bite for defense. But still, it is very difficult to understand how to behave when meeting with a snake, especially because “reptiles” are different character – pissed, peaceful, aggressive… and tactics of different attacks – lightning strike, make this a very unclear way, without warning. This behavior of the snake as approved in the role of best predator.

Where does that leave us in practice? Get acquainted with the “enemy” is about snakes to get detailed information.

What kind of snake it is better not to meet ?

Dangerous snakes on earth

If you are in Australia (Northern region), you should know that this mainland tiger snake lives . which has the strongest venom among all snakes inhabiting the planet. The length of the snake from 1.5 to 2 meters. The amount of poison contained in the glands of a snake, enough to kill about 400 people! The effect of the poison extends to the nervous system of the victim. Is paralysis of the nerve centers controlling the heart, the respiratory system and death.

Another deadly snake is the Viper . It in large quantities (up to 5 individuals per hectar) lives in areas such as: Tunisia, Dagestan, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria, North-Western India. The maximum length of the Viper – 1.5 meters. The snake likes to lie in the sun for long periods of time not to move. Slow and clumsy, she can one shot to impress someone who seems suspicious or causing concern. A snake bite leads to blockage of blood vessels, destruction of red blood cells, rapid blood clotting and internal bleeding. The victim feels dizziness, severe pain, vomiting offer. If timely assistance is not provided, people will die. Death occurs within 2-3 hours after the bite.

One should be careful in Australia, where you can meet poisonous Murgu. In the tropical forests of mulga lives, but dwells in the desert, the mountains, forests, meadows, abandoned burrows, pastures. This snake is also called brown king. The length of the adult is 2.5 to 3 meters. Snake allocates 150 mg of venom in one bite!

In the U.S., known for his aggressiveness green rattlesnake . It is also found in northwestern Mexico and in Canada. The rattlesnake is not only perfectly climb on trees, but skillfully masks. To humans its bite is deadly – thins the blood.

Afghanistan, China (southern part), India, Siam, Burma, Turkmenistan – places, where he meets an Indian Cobra . Its length from 140 to sm. First, the Indian Cobra will never attack a human. So she did have a snake too angry. But if the predator is brought to the extreme, she with her mouth open makes a lightning throw. Sometimes it turns out to be fake (with my mouth closed), but if followed by a bite, the poison causes within minutes instant paralysis and death.

If the Indian Cobra is a calm – “don’t touch me and I don’t bite”, the ASP is characterized by its nedruzhelyubstvo. Whoever met on the way that a poisonous snake – a person, an animal, it will not miss, so as not to bite. The worst thing is that the poison instantly. The death of a person occurs within 5-7 minutes and in excruciating pain! The ASP lives in Brazil, Australia, Argentina, North Africa and the West Indian Islands. There are several types of snakes – the Coral snake, the Egyptian, the Ordinary and reptile etc. the Length from 60 cm to 2.5 metres.

To the snakes that can attack for no reason is part of the green Mamba, living in South Africa. This dangerous snake, length up to 150cm, prefers to jump from the branches and hit his victim with a deadly bite. To escape from such predators is nearly impossible. The poison works instantly.

Sand Viper — from the bite of this small snake, with a length of only 70-80cm, more people die in Africa than from all other poisonous snakes! Mostly, the victims of sandy EFy become small creatures – flies, spiders, centipedes. But if it so happened that a snake bit the man, a big chance that he will die. If he can survive, he’ll be crippled.

Dangerous snakes in the water

Well, not only on earth found a dangerous snake, but in the water. In the depths of the waters, from the Indian ocean and reaching quiet, the person can watch for danger in the form of sea snakes . This reptile is aggressive during mating season and if he violated her peace. Toxicity the venom of sea snakes is more powerful than any poison amphibians. The worst thing is that a snake bite is completely painless. People can float in the water and did not notice. But after a few minutes the problem starts with breathing, convulsions, paralysis and death.

Poisonous dweller in lakes, streams, ponds Eastern United States Copperhead is Riboud. Length 180 cm Favorite prey – frogs, fish, other snakes and various small animals. The person may bite only if reptile was in a hopeless situation. Its bite is fatal.

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