The Most beautiful snakes on the planet

Selection of beautiful pictures of snakes — and not so poisonous — from all continents.

Keeled grass too. The snake is non-venomous, and the snake yawns after a hearty lunch, to reinstall the jaw and catch my breath.

Mamba Jameson . graceful green snake of the length two meters, the venom of which has a nerve effect. Deny the muscles of the respiratory system and the victim is slowly but surely suffocating. Then the serpent eating it. It lives in Africa. There is still the black Mamba, its length 4 meters, which is as poisonous as the green, but I am afraid of it anymore. There is a belief that if a black Mamba crossed the path, wait for death. Or she will crawl and bite, or just die from an accident. It is believed that the bite of a deadly Mambo, but it is not. If within one hour after the bite to take the serum, then survival is guaranteed. To escape from the snake is almost impossible, Mamba moves at a speed of 11 km/hour.

Rainbow boa constrictor, inhabits South America, especially a lot of snakes in the Amazon. It feeds on small animals, most large animal who can strangle him, – it’s a big rat. If you feel the danger, and can bite, but they are not poisonous.

Mexican non-venomous king snake of the family geobrush. Lives in Mexico, sometimes meet in Texas.

Grape (Stroganova) snake . lives in Venezuela. Because she is very beautiful and non-toxic, it is often kept in terrariums. The snake bite is toxic, but not fatal. Importantly, the time to take action.

The weevil lives in North and South America. For humans is perfectly safe. Timid and fearful, at the slightest danger release a smelly liquid and crawl away. In General, these are the reptiles “skunks”.

Yellow bellied snake . Official her name — two-color Bonito, inhabits the salt water in the waters. Very poisonous, lives in the far East. It is the only representative of its genus, the air it absorbs all the body, out rarely. Hiding in the seaweed, where emerges, bites the victim, stunned by her tail, and then strangles and eats. In General, this three in one, a sort of sea-Cobra-boa, but still a dangerous fighter.

Rainbow metahost . Very rare snake of South America. Only been caught three instances, about snakes of this species very little is known, even incomprehensible, poisonous or not, but withvery most poisonous. In the sun the skin sudohost rainbow shimmers, like a precious sapphire.

Texas white rat snake or serpent . As the name implies, lives in Texas, and in Mexico. Not dangerous, not poisonous, nobly beautiful. Ideal example for a home terrarium.

Elaphe (rat snake) Bird. Very beautiful snake chameleon. On the pebbles and the sand has a reddish-rusty color, and the ground color becomes steel, scales are polished cast metal. A very rare color.

Changes color

Coral albino . snake found in Texas is a rare subspecies of coral snakes. Poisonous. Color like on the embroidered Russian cloth patterns.

Coral snake . living on the Indian subcontinent. A rare case of mimicry, when the color of coral snakes are longitudinal and not transverse.

Common — very beautiful and a poisonous snake inhabiting Vietnam, the Islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Very toxic, can eat other snakes. It is similar in color dogolea glandular serpent, whose upper band is not blue, but dark blue, almost black. Too poisonous and too dangerous. And also eats snakes.

Carpet Python . Snake in the style of Beeline, not otherwise. And why the company chose such a logo, it would be fun. Produced in Australia and Indonesia. Not poisonous, but strangle can easily

The Runner Of Mellendorf . non-venomous snake, common in South-East Asia.

Royal Oleinikova snake lives in the US and Mexico. As a rule, these snakes are gray with dark or cream-colored spots on the underside, which becomes bright red and orange near the tail.

Ordinary suspender snake has the beginnings of a true live birth. The California subspecies of this snake is endangered.

Rainbow serpent inhabits the South-Eastern United States, feeds on marine life and small amphibians. Non-aggressive, but if he feels danger, may bite. Not poisonous.

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