The Danger of Thailand for backpackers

What are the dangers in Thailand: reptiles and element

Going on vacation in the friendly Kingdom of Thailand, we are all expecting sun, sea and coconut trees. Polite and good-natured Thai people, delicious and spicy local cuisine set us on a relaxed holiday. But do not forget that this state is in the tropical zone, so the wildlife here is quite extensive.

What are the dangers in Thailand can trap a tourist? What is best to be prepared so as not to regret later?

Danger in Thailand for tourists

1. A poisonous snake.

In Thailand a lot of snakes. Most are completely harmless, but some are poisonous. Some sting may fast enough to kill you, but even if this does not happen, the damage to the body can be very severe, the poison is extremely toxic thing.

Here, for example, found a King Cobra that reaches a length of four meters! While it preys on other snakes, and thus has a destructive danger to the fragile human body. So no need to walk outside of marked pathways. And watch your step!

2. Dangerous spiders.

Also, as in the case of snakes, most of these insects are not dangerous to humans. Despite the fact that Thailand is inhabited by almost two dozen species of spiders that are poisonous are just a few. But there is also a terrifying black widow, the venom of which are deadly, and kanzerogenen and can cause very strong allergic reaction, which in turn can cause death. So try to explore closed-toe shoes. And don’t leave extra slots on the street.

3. Deadly dangerous undercurrents.

In Thailand the sea is relatively calm, but the undercurrents are dangerous that may appear unexpectedly. Had spotted the underwater collapse of the earth, and here you are already dragging in the open ocean with great speed. Such cases are especially dangerous for children. Do not try to fight and keep their strength better. Sooner or later you will beat out from the center of the flow. But better try to do it yourself — row across the stream.

Undercurrents is also one of the dangers for tourists during the rainy season in Thailand. when the ocean is particularly active. On the island of Phuket at this time put red flags on the coast, but nevertheless frequent fatal cases, as many tourists ignore them. Especially famous deaths Karon beach in Phuket .

Such messages can often be read in the news, beware!

June 21, 29-year-old Russian tourist drowned in the sea at one of the beaches of Phuket. The man was in a place where the water was knee-deep. At some point, suddenly there was a big wave that hit him, and he disappeared. When beach lifeguards pulled the tourists on the beach, he was already dead.

4. Aggressive sun.

One of the most dangerous enemies of man in the tropics and the most obvious. Trying to get a nice tan, vacationers also dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer. Once is enough to burn to get melanoma later. Skin cancer is one of the most dangerous and difficult to treat, it develops rapidly and spreads quickly to internal organs. Therefore, use a powerful sunscreen and seek shade when the sun is at the Zenith.

5. Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases.

Pesky insects are buzzing and carriers of a wide range of diseases. Some of them will cost you only two weeks of fever, but some suffer much more serious. Malaria is going to bother you your whole life, and Japanese encephalitis can kill you in a few weeks or leave it disabled. Use repellents both at home and on the street. This is the best protection and prevention of such diseases.

Danger in the country can be not only a natural character, but man often becomes a cause of a fraud in Thailand. Be on the lookout!

Actually, it is unlikely will happen to you some trouble. Millions of tourists spend their vacation in Thailand every year and get a huge amount of bright emotions and impressions. But to know about some of the risks and dangers in Thailand. At least in order not to lose their holiday. And even life.

Be careful and enjoy!

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