The Bites of poisonous snakes

Dream crawling along the ground snake – proof that soon you have to fight with the worst enemy, which after a secret plot against you dare to open war. If a slithering snake is poisonous, then it is unlikely you will be able to win over this person, because he is stronger and more insidious. If a slithering snake non-venomous, then you can easily cope with the enemy, using his wiles against him.

To dream of snakes is a bad omen. This dream suggests that around you a lot of angry, jealous people who wish you career collapse, unhappiness in family life, and even death. You should be careful in communicating with all their friends, made for you in a fit of passion will serve you bad service.

If in your dream you are bitten by a snake, in real life you have a deep disappointment in a loved one. For a long time you will find the reason for your constant bad luck, but you even will not think that this is the handiwork of someone you trust. Most likely, he used the forces of black magic with the aim to make your life miserable.

To dream peacefully curled into a ring snake is a sign that your enemies are only waiting for the right moment to inflict you a strong blow, which you most likely will not be able to recover.

If you dream about a huge snake, squeezing the neck of a person, the dream is a bad omen. Apparently, you are among the first to know about the deadly disease of a loved one. You will need to show great strength of will to inform the relatives of the patient and to help a loved one live with dignity and humility.

Dream snake of gigantic proportions – the prophecy of a great tragedy. The time will come when the Earth will impart to Satan in human form. It will be a time of hunger, poverty, violence, human suffering, theft and death for millions of people living on our planet.

To kill a snake in a dream – a sign that humanity in the future, realizing how important it is to believe in God, it will reopen all churches and temples. Unclean power will depart, seeing that the people have become gentler and wiser.

(See interpretation: the snake) to See poison in your dream means danger to life. To take poison in a dream — a harbinger of sad love, great resentment, abuse or unhappiness. To die of poison in a dream means that improper act of a loved one will end your relationship. To find an antidote in a dream — a sign that you courageously take the tests, fallen to your share. To poison someone poison in a dream means that you severely hurt someone. To poison the enemy in a dream — a sign that you will be able to expose his evil plans. But to poison someone close predicts remorse and frustration on your own fault. Put some poison into someone’s glass in a dream means that you consciously provoke a big scandal from which no one leaves, not tarnishing his dignity (and you including). To get a taste of the poison in your dream foretells of grief and disappointment. Lovers this dream indicates that they believe false hopes. If you dream that poison is a beautiful ring, the dream indicates that your marriage will fail and end in divorce. See the interpretation of the ring. The bite of a poisonous insect or animal in a dream warns you that your enemies are ready to consider with you at any convenient time.

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