Stomatitis in snakes

What is stomatitis?

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, in English literature it is often called “mouthrot” is a rotting mouth. The process can be local or generalized, acute or chronic.

Causes of stomatitis in snakes.

Stomatitis is not a primary disease develops on the background of immunosuppression caused by:

– hypothermia and stress condition of the animal;

– hypovitaminosis, due to depleted, proper nutrition (especially a lack of vitamin C, next);

– other diseases, against which decreases the immunity of the animal.

Often the disease starts with mechanical injuries of the mouth (the snake strikes his head on the glass when shooting, the damage caused by feeding rodents, etc.).

The signs, which can determine the presence of the disease.

– early in the disease oral mucosa is pale, with a slight bluish tint, with some light swelling;

– on the mucosal surface can be seen a small amount of discharge that resembles thick saliva. Further discharge will become purulent (pus in reptiles often has the appearance of cottage cheese with a slight yellowish tinge, in advanced stages – blood).

focal disease often spreads in the submucosal layer between the gum and the skin or submucosal layer of the pharynx and the tissues of the head and neck, leading to orofaringealnom cellulite (“swollen” form of the disease), characteristic for snakes and monitor lizards.

– inflammation of the oral mucosa in snakes is often accompanied by feed refusal, General exhaustion and lethargy.

What would happen if thrush is not treated?

Bacterial lesions in reptiles, as a rule, do not pass on their own, and not cured during the sores eventually turn into signevich (gum disease), oropharyngeal cellulitis (inflammatory edema of the submucosa of the head and neck) and osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone) that often ends in death.

How to open snake mouth

In order to open the jaws of a snake will need medical spatula or something similar to it: a plastic card or ruler.

Left hand fix the head, right – carefully insert the tool under the top lip of the snake and promoting it in his mouth, holding it horizontally and shaking. Feeling the foreign object, the snake will open its mouth.

How to treat stomatitis in snakes.

Treatment of thrush is in the mouth and (in some cases) the introduction of medications that affect the whole body (vitamins or antibiotics).

Necrotic tissue of the oral cavity, blood clots and pus removed with a gauze swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, after which the mucosa is irrigated with some antiseptic (aqueous solution furatsilina, potassium permanganate, etc.)

Then the mucosa is treated with antibacterial drug. Very well established in this case of 0.5% solution dioksidina in combination with the drug “Septemer” (Decamethoxin).

Washing dioxydinum is easier to perform using a large syringe without a needle, fixing the head of the snake nose down to the wash solution to flow freely from mouth into the trachea.

Tablet Septerra need to pound into powder and sprinkle the affected areas. The effect will be higher if you lay a bit of powder in the protective film sheath teeth, gently rubbing the gums with your finger, exposing the teeth.

The cleaning of the oral cavity (removal of dead tissue, etc.) should be carried out once a day, treatment with antibiotics – twice a day.

Very desirable in the treatment of stomatitis is the use of vitamin C intramuscularly at a dose of 50 mg / kg on the first day of treatment, and in the next 5 days 25 mgkg.

If during the week positive dynamics, it is necessary to show the animal veterinarian to determine further treatment tactics.


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