Spectacled snake not a worm, however.

So, a little about snakes.

More specifically misconceptions about them.

Well, the first misconception is prevalent everywhere: snakes slippery and cold.

Actually the scales of a snake is dry, velvety and pleasant on osapi. And the temperature depends on the temperature where the snake is. You do not say that the book or, for example, the lighter is cold, when take it from the table? And the Boas and pythons has its own minimum thermoregulation, so they mostly maintain the temperature at several (up to 15) degrees above ambient. if you want, of course.

The second myth: snakes hypnotize their prey.

It is quite far from the truth, although if you watch hunting snakes, as it may seem. Explain the reason: snakes don’t blink and hunt (not all, but many, especially the big ones) from ambush. Because a snake sits motionless until the prey can’t get to the distance of the throw; the throw is so fast that it is not always possible to notice. Especially with the habit.

Another myth: the rattlesnake buzzes before the attack.

Not quite. Bursting when she’s scared and just wants to warn that moved away, after which, by the way, she will most likely crawl back home.

To depart, it is necessary slowly, avoiding sudden movements. Anyway, when dealing with snakes sudden movements inappropriate.

There is a myth that is trying to support: the Charmer hypnotizing a snake by the sound of the pipes.

Snakes actually have no hearing in our understanding – they are deaf, like Beethoven, so the sound of them pipes up.

The caster is simply the motion of the tool causes the Cobra defensive stance. a swinging “dance” it is for the same reason and the boxers in the ring are not standing still.

About poisonous Copperhead. Yes a myth is not a myth, as they say.

Poisonous they, of course, but are, like snakes – snakes sadamarajatis. That is to say, to poison the man, but it’s pretty deeply stuck a finger into the mouth of the Copperhead. And the rest they are no more dangerous than snakes. Even less if you take into account a peculiarity of snakes – with a strong fear they may (especially water) dedicate a hell of a smelly liquid.

Another myth: grass and/or poisonous vermenizi.

Heh. they are actually not snakes, and lizards.

Fragilis the slow-worm:

Boas and pythons are one and the same. A very common misconception.

And, although they have much in common, they are totally different animals. The main difference is the reproduction. Pythons, like the more ancient representatives of lagronova – oviparous, Boas – viviparous.

Just want to clarify another subject of controversy: the Anaconda – the boa constrictor, or Python?

Familiar giant Anaconda – the boa constrictor . Although some anacondas belong to the pythons.

Here she is, beautiful:

Well, tiger petancic (albino):

So in the end I want to add that two and a half thousand snakes currently known to man can be dangerous about four hundred. And hunt the man – 0. Theoretically, large Boas or pythons can easily enjoy even the big man, but almost never do for one simple reason: after this “snack” the snake will not be able to crawl into the shelter to quietly digest my lunch. And poisonous snakes. Well agree: people like it when it comes. Or interrupt the vacation. However, in this case a snake, rather, warn about the unwanted invasion into her personal life.

PS Dispel but one myth: in hot countries snakes crawling in the house to bite anybody. The paranoid can rest assured that this someone is human. There are snakes, by the way, often the owners themselves of the houses lure. And one goal: snakes perform the functions of cats preying on rodents and lizards. Lizards (spiders and Scorpions), by the way, we climb for insects, which become attracted to the man himself. Krovososov – odor, flies – you know, the rest is light.

So no wonder in the East the serpent is revered!

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