Snakes of Cyprus

Immediately make two important observations:

First, for snakes in Cyprus only 11 species, and only one of them really represents a danger for the person. Believe me, 11 types — it’s not enough, even in Central Russia there are many more.

Secondly, in coastal cities no snakes. So if you are afraid of encounters with these animals or panic afraid of them — not on the beaches of the Mediterranean sea meeting with them definitely not happen.

Dangerous and poisonous snakes of Cyprus

At least some real risk to a person present only three species of snakes:

Venomous snake Viper

This «lady» related to the family of vipers, it is worth to remember and to avoid. Venomous snake Viper is extremely dangerous, its venom has a strong hemolytic action: getting into the bloodstream, it destroys red blood cells, affects blood vessels, leading to clotting (leading to severe edema, hemorrhages and blockages of blood vessels). Note: after being bitten by a Viper cannot apply a tourniquet! Man need as quickly as possible to deliver to the nearest hospital, remember — in every town is bound to have round-the-clock med. the point at which there are vaccines. If possible, try to suck venom from the bite, carefully spitting venomous saliva. No need to incise the bite or burn it.

Tip from the category of fiction, but after being bitten by a person is extremely important to remain calm — a fast heartbeat contributes to the rapid spread of the poison in the body. It is best to keep movement to a minimum.

Now some statistics to calm: for the year Viper poisonous snake bites, about 20 people, with over 15 years in Cyprus not recorded a single death!

Viper attack us only in case of real danger, more often when approaching someone it’s warning hiss. Viper is found exclusively in mountainous areas — the Troodos mountains and the Kyrenia range. The Viper snake is active from March to November. In the woods an encounter with this Viper can not be afraid.

Color Viper unremarkable: grayish or brownish, the body is a massive snake with a very short tail and a broad head with a short blunt muzzle.

in the dry foothills

on the slopes of the mountains. overgrown with scattered bushes

in the gorges and on rocky banks of rivers

in the ruins of the Cyprus attractions

near the vineyards

The snake is Boiga, or cat

Immediately important notice: the venom of Bogi safe for humans — may cause an allergic reaction. Plus teeth with poison are deep and the bite is generally unlikely, you’re not going to put the finger in her mouth. So, snake Boiga small, belongs to the family of colubrid snakes, the length does not exceed 60-70 cm Cat it is called for the similarity of the eyes and the unusual option of hunting — Boiga like to play with his prey like a cat. Bites, releases and bites already re-paralyzing poison.

Lizard snake

Like its predecessor, for the person does not pose a threat — to bite through the human skin for her is almost impossible. And for snake, Cyprus lizard very rare. Large snake itself — reaches a length of up to 2 meters. Feeds on lizards — hence its name. Color — typical of vipers black strip over the entire back, brownish scales. This story about the horrible ending, let’s get to know Cyprus snakes is perfectly safe for you to contact us.

Harmless snakes of Cyprus

Cyprus large skid

This snake can scare — it reaches three feet in length! The color is bright black. Most of all these snakes on the island found the snake. Runner — our faithful friend and helper: it kills rodents and snakes, and is the most formidable enemy poisonous Viper. Some farmers even buy it specifically to fight mice. Now the snake is under the protection of the Berne Convention.

Cypriot too

Found only in Cyprus. Snake amphibious floats well, preying on small fish, amphibians and frogs. The snake calm and not aggressive when meeting a man tries to crawl away. It’s funny that in times of danger Cypriot too can pretend to be dead, and, to make it look believable, he topples onto his back and sticks out the tongue.

Olive snake

Rather strange advice that will help to protect yourself, the Council, suitable for all Cyprus snakes: in mountainous areas behave a little louder, stomp, talk, even sing — this will alert snakes of your approach. Just like that snake man never attack.

Second, the shoes should be comfortable and closed sandals in the mountains is not appropriate

Third: armed with a long stick, be alert and attentive: check stick a picnic area, paths which are going to go

You can, of course, just buy the serum and to carry. In this case we will need a vaccine for snake bite Viper. Ask in pharmacies in Cyprus. In the Russian version is called Antipyrin (it is found in the Caucasus mountains). All such antidotes — perishable substances, so will ask the pharmacist.

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