Snake Bite

The snake bite is characterized by sensation of severe pain in the bite area. From the wound acts a little blood, and around her tumor occurs quickly, sometimes reaching impressive sizes.

excessive thirst;

syncope, sometimes long-term loss of consciousness;

thready pulse;

delirium and convulsions.

On the face performs a cold clammy sweat, the nose sharp, the eyes burst. During the first 5-6 days of possible seizures, then they become less frequent, and after 10-12 days, usually, comes the recovery. During the day on a sting place arises crimson spots, sometimes bubbles. In severe cases there are convulsions, paralysis of the limbs, involuntary discharge of feces and urine, comes death from respiratory arrest. The severity of damage depends on the area of the bite, the amount of poison received into the blood, the age of the patient and the depth of the wound. The worse defeat of Vienna, less dangerous bite soft parts of the body. Poisoning by the bite of a child is even stronger than that of an adult. Deep bites are more dangerous surface.

After snake bite, first of all, you should remove the poison from the wound for what it is necessary to wash and suck or squeeze the venom. When exhaustion is no threat, get poisoned, even if it is accidentally swallowed saliva. Nevertheless, it is necessary to prevent the passage of venom from the site of the damage in the blood. Why should fast, above the site of the damage to put pressure on it. After that you should install whether the snake is poisonous. This can be identified by the shape of the wound: a venomous snake leave the prints of their teeth in the form of two round wounds, non-toxic — zig-zag wound. Because when the snake bites, swelling limbs growing rapidly, it is necessary to keep harness not more than 30 minutes or every 20 minutes to relieve. If you suck blood, not possible, the victim should be transported to the hospital without removing the harness. During the entire time let the patient drink plenty of liquids.

Before you get up in burrows, rock crevices, dense undergrowth, you must ensure that there are no snakes. From snake bites to protect rubber or leather boots, thick woolen socks. Bedded down in the field, take precautions. Since most snakes are nocturnal, they can draw their fire. Keep this in mind and be careful!

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