Royal Python

Problems with young.Part 1.

Infant vardousia or hardened yolks, hard belly, mass in Ball python hatchlings.

Newborn Regius, born in razvodnyh world level (captive breed, next, CB) or on a snake farm in the wilds of the jungle (farm breed, then FB), sometimes present surprises. In the last third of the body they have formed a small swelling. If you palpate the area, you’ll find some solid foreign body. It can be of different sizes and in some cases take up half the volume of the digestive tract of the snake. It’s not stool, as some might think, this so-called hardened yolk (hard yolk). Foreign colleagues use the term “hard belly” to refer to this problem, in a literal translation on Russian it sounds like vardousia.

The good news is tendopathies suffer only newborn Regiony. Suffer the vast majority of cases, not for long. Somehow solid the yolk mass is blocking the intestine, which threatens the life of a newborn Python. If the mass, which is visually similar to the oblong lump of matter, not removed in time, the snake will die of starvation and dehydration. If you delete, the chances of survival of the young of Ragusa will be slightly higher, but according to statistics, only 10-20% of the pups live longer than two months after the procedure.

Removing Python from the tumor, by contacting the veterinarian or yourself. In any case, you should be prepared for the fact that a dense mass inside the belly of a snake can raspalsya into several fragments in the process or will be of such size that to remove it will fail.

To carry out the procedure should be extremely gently and without haste. You should also be mentally prepared for what you will see in the result. Look the snake in the process be the same as if you squeezed her stomach. In the end, you get Python, which in place of the belly cavity. As a rule, after removal of the tumor, the snake refuses to eat on their own. This point must be considered.

I hope everyone who has read up to the end of the previous paragraph, impressed. What the hell is this stuff snake inside the belly, how does it get there, and whether the snake to get rid of it by yourself?

Let’s start with the end. Alas, the little region not able to pull this extra piece of flesh. “Flesh” in this case, a descriptive rather than a factual term, in fact, inside of a snake is cured yolk mass. To identify a snake with tendopathies easy. She will have strange, non-standard color or pattern. It will behave very actively. In some cases, the head of Python will be deformed or smaller in relation to the body than other siblings from the same clutch. These signs indicate a deviation in the development of the embryo in the egg, and it’s certainly sad. Only one thing tendopathies affects about 1% of FB and even less CB baby Regionov. You may never have to go through this test with any of the clutches. But in case a similar accident happens to any of your newborn snakes, be prepared to take appropriate action. One of them is the disposal of such animals, which is quite understandable and justified, since even after successful extraction of the yolk mass, the chances of survival of the baby is small, the probability that in the future he will grow into a strong Christian individual, also a small. On the other hand, if the baby is a special value, it’s worth a try.

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