Queimado Grande is an island with thousands of poisonous snakes, Brazil

Queimado Grande

In the Atlantic ocean situated island called Queimado Grande or whatever it is called ” snake. It is located near district of são Paulo, located in Brazil. The territory of the island is small, and employs approximately 0,43 km 2. and its height is about 200 meters. People Queimado-Grandi sidestep, and local authorities imposed a ban on visit this site

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Here is found the most dangerous snake on the planet that is called island bothrops. Her wounds are very afraid, through the fact that it immediately causes death of the tissue. Reliable evidence of a bite bothrops island is extremely small, but judging by the chemical composition of the snake’s venom is 5 times more dangerous than their mainland brethren. For example, in Costa Rica due to the biting of the dies cacahuete bothrops at least 6 people. The snake’s venom causes the victim the destruction of red blood cells and blood vessels, the site of the bite swells, possible bleeding of the internal organs. Without the antitoxin, the poor guy has very little chance of survival.

This place is untouched by humanity. Here is beautiful scenery that is filled with beautiful rocks, wonderful vegetation and magnificent beach that is washed by the boundless ocean. The climate on the island Queimado Grande satisfies all year round. But no conditions for recreation and tourism on the Snake island there, all for the same terrible reason – a poisonous snake. Scientists have put forward the fact that they are one metre square, has an average of 3 pieces. Snakes which infest the island Queimado Grande, trying, mainly, due to the migratory birds, who, not waiting for danger, just landed, that would take a break to eat.

Of course, about the forbidden territory, as it should be, there are spine-chilling legends. Among them, the popular is about local fishing, hungry and landed on snake island to pick bananas. Of course, the local creatures are not spared from the bite he died in his boat, where he was found. The second legend that I love to tell the guides about the local caretaker for the lighthouse. The middle of the night in the overseer’s house as well as his family climbed the snake. The family tried to escape by running away through the bushes to the boat, but all attempts were in vain. Soon the lighthouse ceased to give the signals and power the ship was sent to investigate the causes. The sailors found only bethdiane body near the lighthouse, the lighthouse Kisil snakes, which crawled through the open window.

Travelers are strictly forbidden to set foot on the land of this island, but still a no-go area particularly attracts curious tourists. The locals absolutely secret and for a decent amount, you can spend an extreme tour of the island, but you need to protect yourself with special gear and clothes.

The island is constantly undergoing research experiments and various observations of animal life. About this area you can find a lot of documentaries, which tell about a particularly dangerous snakes, their existence in the wild.

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