Poisonous snakes you can find in almost any place while traveling

How much do we know about Sea serpents?

And that not having very many species and subspecies.They live in the tropics and subtropics,two oceans, the Indian Pacific,from Japan to the North,to Tasmania and New Zealand in the South,from Africa,California and Peru in the East.In the Atlantic there is not one species of sea snakes.Their habitat is rocky coasts of Islands,algae and sea grass.


Sometimes there are hundreds of thousands.They are woven with tangles and prefer to lie on the bottom.Some species of snakes feel comfortable as in seawater and in freshwater,in rivers so a lot of them.On the rivers they rise to the top for hundreds of kilometers,but then still down towards the sea,the sea is the source of their food.

In food they use smaller fish and various inhabitants of the deep sea.Some snakes are able to swallow food bigger than the weight of the snake several times.Only one sea snake that has the exotic name Bonito,lives apart for many hundreds of kilometers from the coast.She hunts only when on the sea surface calm,the fish rises to the top and at this point,palamida begins the hunt.

The venom of this snake is one of the most dangerous,he is able to kill a person for 15-20 seconds.According to some reports this species is propagated snakes on the shore,but never on land was not seen,only occasionally a wave throws the dead bodies of these snakes and this information is considered false until verified.Scholars who have studied these snakes,I assure you that they breed also in water,at great depth and are viviparous,that is, are not born from eggs.

People these snakes do not attack and not a single documented case of a bite from these snakes.Strange but true,when the Bonito swims on the coast,the children Fiji and Samoa play with them,and snakes without experiencing any kind of aggression.They like worms of a large size or innocuous snakes.The length of these snakes up to two meters and seventy centimeters.

Much of the anatomy of snakes,makes them similar to asps,but the life at sea took its toll on them,the tail of this snake resembles a spade,this is for convenience used as repulsive paddle,nostrils moved to the top in order to breathe without lifting the head out of the water.How many people do not know about the creatures living next to him?Probably,a lot.And going somewhere on vacation or for work ,is not superfluous to read about who you can meet where You’re going.

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