Poisonous snakes will become more active in the next two months

Sverdlovsk doctors expect an influx of patients with the bites of poisonous snakes in the next two months. In advance of the dangerous season they give the citizens of the region tips on how to do a snake bite, according to JustMedia .

Annually in the world, the bites of poisonous snakes get up to 500 thousand people, from them about 50 thousand die. In the Sverdlovsk region common common adder. Of poisoning with poison of snakes is found in all the districts of the region, including on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg (the areas surrounding lake Shartash, Baltym, Stone tents). In the current year in the regional centre of acute poisonings as of June 4 has already received two patients with Viper bite.

Poisonous apparatus snake ecoproducers consists of glands, ductless and doprovodem teeth. The length of the teeth is 5 mm. the glands adder about 30 milligrams of the poison. The poison acts on the blood, blood vessels, heart, liver, causes local tissue damage. In the moment of a sting the pain is not stronger than a pin prick, but after a few minutes the swelling increases, there is burning, pain. After a few hours the pain becomes unbearable, swelling extends to the entire limb goes to the torso. The limb acquires a purplish-bluish color. In severe cases, the affected limb in half of the stored whole blood of the patient.

The victim soon after the bite there is a weakness, dizziness, fainting, sometimes agitation, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth. If the snake bite through a vein, the poison immediately gets in the blood, then the General phenomena develop faster and stronger local. After a few hours may develop bleeding. The severity of poisoning depends on the type of snake, the dose of the poison and its place of ingress, the time of year. Most poisoning occurs in the afternoon, although the snakes more active at night. In hot weather, will develop a more severe poisoning. For vipers, the optimum temperature – at least +25. After molting snake venom toxicity is increased in 10 times. Most toxic snake venom in the age of 6-9 months and 1 year. This snake is usually not aggressive, they bite when they tease, bother, cause pain. Most often the bites occur accidentally.

What not to do when the bite of the serpent?

– apply a tourniquet – a tourniquet or compression bandage will lead to tissue necrosis, sometimes even to amputation of the limb;

– to make notches – this will lead to infection, the formation of nonhealing wounds, gangrene;

– bitten to drink alcohol, in this case the poison is fixed in nerve tissue;

– cauterizing the wound — this leads to tissue necrosis;

– sucking out the poison from the wound are ineffective, even after 2-3 minutes after the bite, completely ineffective after 10 minutes, and can lead to infection of the wound.

According to experts, the majority of complications after snake bite is due, even not with the severity of poisoning, and incorrectly rendered first aid, especially the tourniquet.

What should you do?

– turn patient, give plenty of drink, immobilize the affected limb, for example, the arm can be fixed to the gusset plate;

– lubricate the wound with iodine, put a clean cloth (handkerchief);

– as soon as possible deliver the victim to the nearest hospital where he was being moved already the poison control center.

If you are two hours away from one of the centers of acute poisoning, which are available in Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil, it is advisable to immediately take the victim to the center.

How to protect yourself from snake bites?

– when walking through places overgrown with bushes or grass, you should push them with a stick;

– protect from the bites of rubber or leather boots, thick woollen socks;

– camping before going to sleep you must carefully inspect the tent, removed clothes and shoes tight to turn, and in the morning to inspect it and shake.


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