Poisonous snakes of Africa


Venomous snakes of Africa.

Africa, second largest continent on the planet, with a territory of over 30 million square kilometers with a population of almost one billion people, is a country of diversity, ranging from tropical to subtropical temperatures, to an amazing African Safari. Known about the millions who died from the bites of poisonous snakes of Africa and insects.

Poisonous black Mamba snake.

Africa has many deadly poisonous reptiles — Black Mamba is one of them. Black Mambas are actually brown or olive color, it is the most dangerous poisonous snake of Africa . Without a special serum, which was introduced no later than several minutes after the bite, the person dies.

The black Mamba can strike and bite their prey up to twelve times within a minute, and each shot will produce enough toxic poisons to kill an adult human. Adult Black Mambas can reach speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour, grows to 2.5 meters in length. She will attack if cornered, scared or if she feels threatened. The black Mamba is deadly, can kill any person who is not ready to meet with her.

The Gabon Viper is a poisonous snake.

This species lives in Central Africa, Eastern and Western States produces the largest amount of venom of any snake in the world, one bite can kill a person within minutes. Reptiles are beautifully colored, with pink, brown, black spots. Grow nearly two meters, as a rule, do not bite, but if cornered will strike and kill without mercy.

Poisonous tree snake (Boomslang) Africa.

Boomslang snake or tree snake, this creature of the desert, bright green with the fangs at the back of the head. Human casualties are very few, this kind of really shy and tend to shy away from the noise. They rarely attack people, and the roar of the engine usually provide safety from snakes, forcing them to stay away.

African poisonous Viper.

Puff Adder is a small — about one meter long, but it was also the cause of most human deaths. This individual will lie quiet if someone is approaching, and many bites occur when someone steps on it or runs very close, then the animal instinctively reacts. The majority of deaths due to a bite from an incorrect treatment as a result of gangrene or blood poisoning.

It’s not all venomous snakes of Africa . there are many other kinds.

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