Poisonous snakes became active

Withbirately berries suffer from snake bites more often than GrisbNicky, because I move slowly and quietly.

In Sverdlovsk lustnau centre of acute poisonings admitted 18 measuring the bite of a Viper, COO described in a press-the Ministe of the Ministry of health. It is noticeable more than in the same period last year. According to doctors, the bites of poisonous snakes yli registered in different districts of region, including in Yekaterinburg Urga and around the city – Shartash and Baltym.

The snake’s venom is quite dangerous: it affects the blood, blood vessels, heart, liver, causes local tissue damage. In the time of the bite victim strong Oli doesn’t feel it, but after a few hours  becomes unbearable. The limb that was bitten by a snake, swells, prioretait agrevo-bluish color. The person experiences dizziness, you may experience shortness of breath, nausea, appear bitter taste in the mouth. The worst is when reptile bite through Vienna – the poison immediately enters the bloodstream, and the picture develops is tree.

In Yekaterinburg orgsam the Gorzdrav COO had that berry olshe is subjected to CEI risk. They move slowly and quietly, snakes bite humans more often than Gris nicks. There are known cases, when the snakes crawled to the tourists in a tent or in a sleeping bag. Doctors advise in this case not to do sharp movements and not to try to catch the snake yourself.

Doctors have made not large memo how CoEI lead by the bite of the serpent:

– do not apply a tourniquet-a tourniquet or compression bandage will lead to tissue necrosis, sometimes even to amputation of the limb;

– you cannot do a notch – it will lead to infection,education nonhealing wounds, gangrene;

– do not drink alcohol, in this case the poison is fixed in nerve tissue;

– it is impossible to cauterize – this leads to tissue necrosis;

– sucking out the poison from the wound are ineffective, even after 2-3 minutes after the bite, and solutely ineffective after 10 minutes, and solutely ineffective mechanical means (“pears”), and the suction mouth leading to infection of the wound, as well as to the poisoning of the poison of the snake person providing assistance if it has wounds in the mouth.

– you need to lay the victim, to give ilen drink, isdigit the affected limb, using improvised means;

– the wound neo should be lubricated with iodine, apply a clean cloth (handkerchief);

– let ithout aliaume the drug (uprofen or analgin);

– how is tree deliver the victim in lizisu olnitsa, where he’ll be transported in poison center.



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