Poisonous snakes

Why are people scared of snakes? Why is it so contemptuously call them reptiles, blaming in all sins possible – from the first, inherited from eve and Adam? It’s not only in pathological mobility, visual “slipperiness” and a cold glance, which cause many instinctive disgust. The fact that some of these reptiles to humans are a real threat. Perhaps the fear of the snake – an echo of the genetic memory of those times, when there were no vaccines and medications, so almost every bite of poisonous snakes was deadly for the victim.

To be honest, there’s not that snake would dare attack the person itself – usually they attack only in self-defense. Although there are a particularly aggressive individuals who don’t need any special occasion to show your teeth ” in the full sense of the word. But the anger – is one thing, and the degree of toxicity – more. Today, when there are medications help the bitten people, some “bastards” ceased to be so dangerous, though the joy of a close acquaintance with them is ever going to do. But what kind of snake is anyway to bypass the tenth road, if you do not want to prematurely part with life?

It is widely known that not one snake on land in its ability to kill cannot be compared with the inhabitants of the ocean. The so-called sea serpent, which is often compared to the Cobra, more poisonous than their land relatives dozens of times. It can be found exclusively in warm waters. The sea snake venom is used to paralyze the fish, but per person this portion of the toxins will have a similar effect.

When the bite first, there is difficulty breathing, which end up with total paralysis and lead to absolute death. Most worryingly, the time of the attack, the victim may not even notice it ’ s sea snake is so fast that you can see its attack is not always possible, with the skin he cuts easily and painlessly. And although there is a perception that it, like any tribe, does not attack without provocation, but under the water is too difficult to understand what exactly caused the dissatisfaction of this dark creature.

Among reptiles that live on land, “palm” is fighting a dozen poisonous snakes. It is generally believed that the most vicious and dangerous are found in the family elapidae. Take, for example, tiger snake from Australia. One serving of toxins, which allocates by the bite of this creature is enough to poison several hundred people. It is clear that percocet at a time so man snake is not able, but about its toxicity to judge allows.

On the same continent lives another reptile that is ready to compete for the title of ‘most dangerous” is a Taipan. Here is his long tease is not necessary, the creature prepared to leap to attack at any moment. It is terrible to assume, how many victims could have her boundless aggression, but, fortunately, they inhabit a very narrow and almost never coincides with human settlements or tourist routes.

If you ask any resident in South-East Asia about which snake can lay claim to the title of the most poisonous, the answer will sound immediately familiar title – king Cobra! Moreover, it is also the largest, the length of this creature can reach 5 meters. Scientists claim that the Cobra attack people only when fighting for your life or the walls – the cubs they will never leave and protect at any cost. That’s only in the Asian region, such an assertion about “prudence” the king Cobra is unlikely to find support. Locals believe that the snake hates all mankind and especially waiting in ambush lone travelers, killing them. And so the poison she is really very strong and fast.

In India the palm, most likely, will give a snake to the spectacle – another Cobra, which is used before the attack to raise your upper body and to expand your hood. And in America greatest fear inspires a rattlesnake, and not by accident. The fact that it is characterized by great speed, attacking with lightning speed, breaking the cast in a sufficiently large distance (compared to many other “relatives”), plus her poison is not only strong, but also fast-acting. To be saved in this case, you must literally hold the antidote in your pocket. That is why the number of recorded victims of rattlesnake can be supplied in the first place.

Perhaps the vipers are less poisonous, but some are much more dangerous. For example, from the bite of vipers Rosela no antidote, so finding the snake in the jungle of Sri Lanka, where she lives, can be fatal. Overall, all poisonous snakes – not the most pleasant companions to humans. As the desire to have exotic animals pushes people even purchase just such the cutest Pets, you should realize that to include such a creature in captivity can be extremely dangerous – both for the owner and his entourage.

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