Medicinal wealth of Kyrgyzstan

Enemies include snakes and humans. A poisonous snake never attacks. When meeting with a person she tries to crawl away to the shelter. The bites are the only means of protection of the disturbed snakes. However, a person encountering a venomous snake, mercilessly killing her.

Obvodnaya or draining certain areas, people indirectly harm the snakes living there, depriving them of a favorable condition. While fighting the rodents, it deprives them poor.

Sickness of snakes is poorly known. Some data are available regarding the parasite of the Viper and steppe Viper. The vipers registered 8 species of parasites: 3 — of flagellates, 2 ” tape 1 ” round worms, 1 — of acanthocephala, and 1 — mites (Markov and others 1966). The Central Asian Viper — 11 species of parasites, of which 2 are of the simplest type, 1 — to tapeworms, 5 ” round worms, 1 — the acanthocephalans and 2 — to ticks (Zinyakova and others 1966). In the Viper and the Viper obnaruzheno lung, upper respiratory tract and liver spot tubercles of tuberculosis. There have been cases of diseases of the mouth.

Economic importance

Venomous snakes benefit, destroying a significant number of rodents and harmful insects. In those places where snakes are destroyed, the population of rodents increasing sharply, and they do great damage, destroying crops. In addition, there often arises the possibility of epidemics, the carriers of which are rodents.

But a high number of snakes in the grounds, currently used as grazing for domestic animals, undesirable. Especially suffer from the bites of poisonous snakes sheep. The most common bites in April — may, when there is an increase in the power of snakes and they can experience anxiety before mating, and during the autumn period, before the occurrence of snakes for the winter. In the summer, when the snakes go to the night life and day on the surface are rare, the frequency of bites is reduced.

Copperhead, Viper, Echis also dangerous to humans. Their bite is very painful, and Pets— deadly. Less dangerous bite of steppe Viper. For humans it is not so painful, and practically harmless for animals.


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