Skin Lesions caused by poisonous snakes

From venomous snakes the most dangerous bites of Cobra, spectacled serpents, vipers, some sea snakes. Their bites (usually hands, feet) are accompanied by local pain, progressive edema of the affected limb, passing sometimes on the trunk. At the bite location revealed two reddish dotted wound; soon around them appear petechiae or hemorrhages, which can be detected also on mucous membranes.

There is cyanosis and rapid swelling of limbs, increasing the General toxic reaction. In some cases, develop kollaptoidnoe state. Bites of snakes up to 15% of bitten die from heart failure, paralysis of the respiratory center 3-4 days after the bite.

Treatment: rapid removal (suction) of the poison from the wounds (effectively in half an hour); immobilization of extremities; the introduction of anti-typhoid serum in the interscapular region (20-100 ml); epinephrine, caffeine, kordiamin, ephedrine; novocaine blockade around the bite; systemic corticosteroids in medium doses.


Some marine molluscs have poisonous apparatus and swimmers cause painful burns, the development of erosions, local ischemia, cyanosis, numbness, which quickly can spread to large areas Continue reading

First aid for the bites of snakes and insects presentation for the life safety

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