Poisonous snakes of the island of Kunashir

Sensational news environment: in the area Askochensky sources in the North-Western coast of Kunashir were found very unusual for these places fauna – poisonous snakes.

Individuals Eastern Copperhead snake was found by staff at the reserve “of the Kuril” during one of the planned expeditions for the purpose of monitoring the environment.

According to one representative of the reserve, candidate of biological Sciences Yuri Chests, this type of snake was spotted in one of the neglected areas of Kunashir. The place that is home to snakes, is quite inaccessible to humans and, therefore, extremely attractive to reptiles. Discovered of fauna in one of the seaside terraces, which rises above the sea of about 20-30 meters. Only managed to see five poisonous animals.

The reserve staff immediately decided that a new instance needs to be carefully examined. For these purposes, to process the specialist was involved in Copperhead, candidate of biological Sciences Nikolay Orlov.

The scientist immediately said that throughout the history of research of the Kuril fauna has been done quite a lot of attempts to find a Copperhead on the Islands of Shikotan, Kunashir and Iturup. However, neither during the Soviet nor in the period Continue reading



Fig. 46. Psylocyba semilanceata

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Fig. 47. Patlaeolus subalteatus

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What are the Different types of Snakes?

What are the Different types of Snakes?

There are many different kinds of snakes in world, some poisonous and some of which are safe. Except in a few cases, telling the difference is difficult based solely on looks. Many different species of snakes included in the family Viperidae, Elapidae, Colubridae and Hydrophidae

the types of snakes known as Viperidae, or what many of us know as vipers, are found all over the world. The only areas of the world, which have not been found these types of snakes is Australia and Madagascar. These poisonous snakes have long hanging fangs that allow a snake to prescribe a deep bite into its victim. Some Viperidae include rattlesnakes, bushmasters, vipers, odnogolosyj snakes, and vipers. A bite from one of these snakes can cause any number of problems for the victim, including loss of blood, necrosis, swelling, and even destruction of normal blood clotting.

Other snake species include those in the family Elapidae, which are found primarily in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. These venomous snakes set, hollow fangs that can inject poison into the victim. These snakes can be quite small or very large. Some have been found to be only 7 inches (18 cm) long, while others can be as long as 19 ft (approximately 6 m) long. Most, however, average approximately 6.5 feet (2 m) in length. Some of the options Elapidae Continue reading

The Bites of poisonous snakes
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A Family of snake
Almost all snakes reproduce sexually, with the participation of female and male. Only certain species are capable of parthenogenesis, i.e. the reproduction is not transmitted sexually, and from unfertilized eggs…

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First aid for the bites of snakes and insects presentation for the life safety
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