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Regional assemblages of species of poisonous snakes in different geographical areas may vary depending on your location. In each location the major efforts must be made to be aware of the presence of toxic species, as they are not the dominant species and represent a danger to humans. In addition, they are much better known under local names or simplified compared to the more common and comparatively less dangerous individuals. In Panama, the special distribution received three main families of poisonous snakes, namely: alkoholowe vipers, coral snakes and sea snakes.

Only in the Western hemisphere of the Earth all the vipers are so-called pits, which represent a deepening from the outer side of the upper jaw, between the nose hole and eye, which indicates zoologist Harold Trapido, is sensitive to changes in the ambient temperature of the body. Thanks to its incredible sensitivity, this hole helps to locate and attack warm-blooded animals (of course, when the predator is close enough to potenitally victims). It is considered, among other things, that such amharinya bodies along the lower jaw perform the same functions and have common Boas (or devouring snakes). Even assuming that such a snake is removed and the language she blinded with blackened collodion, it will still be able to produce its fatal bite, aiming for an electric bulb, covered with Continue reading

First aid for snake bites.

Unlikely to have at least one parent who is not worried about the bites of spiders, ants, wasps and, of course, snakes. It snakes arouse special fear, because inherent in us from childhood, the Association says that snakes are poisonous.

In fact, deaths from snake bite are fixed units and the shortage of cases of bites not so much. Usually with proper first aid and timely treatment to the clinic is a danger to a child’s life is minimal. Not the last role is played here by the fact that in Ukraine there are not so many poisonous snakes. To be precise, only one – the Viper.

In Ukraine, it is found five species of vipers. All of them are extremely poisonous, but their bites are usually not lethal, but unpleasant and threatening and long-term treatment. The Viper venom is very dangerous and toxicity comparable to the bite of a rattlesnake, but the Viper bite produces only a very small amount of poison in the human body. That is why the most dangerous snake bites are small children, when the concentration of the poison relative to body weight is quite high.

Avoid snake bites!

Of course, the chances of meeting a snake in the city is very low. Outside the city they increase slightly, but snakes don’t show aggression, and most prefer to quickly retreat from the meeting place with man. Thus, in the first Continue reading

Young Naturalist

Turbolocator operates on the principle of an ordinary optical rangefinder used, for example, for focusing in the cameras like “Vigilant” or FAD, which are called “alyuminii”. The same principle is constructed and the mechanism of our vision: we look at the subject from two points, our vision is binocular. “Binos” — the Greek for “two”. If for some reason, one eye sees worse, it is much harder to determine the subject distance and generally oriented in space.

The only poisonous snake is not only our latitude, but most of the territory of the country of adder — distinct signs of turbolocator, i.e. pits on the head, no. However, the Viper, and alcoholemia, well-versed in the dark. Darevsky I. S. considers heat & smoke detectors are located by the vipers right into the scalp.

Best of all, the serpent smell. Hitting poison the prey, she is in no hurry to catch up with the doomed victim. Nevertheless soon will definitely find it on the trail, and accurately determines the direction, even if there are a lot of other similar marks.

Other adults, especially guys, unnecessarily and precautions are taken to examine bird nests, abandoned burrows and hollows, putting my hands under driftwood and rocks where they can hide the Viper. And those Continue reading

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