If the garden is infested snakes

Many gardeners think that Ukraine is not inhabited by poisonous snakes. Or, if they are, then is that somewhere in the dense forests of the Carpathians. However, this is not the case. Throughout the country there are tens of species snakes, some of which are deadly. Sometimes these snakes live in gardens, so this meeting, the gardener should be prepared.

Brand on the whole territory of Ukraine live snakes. The population we really are insignificant, and the majority of all reptiles – snakes are harmless. However, there are sometimes very dangerous individuals, some of which can settle in your garden or village.

Let’s first understand what a snake can crawl on your site, and what are they actually dangerous? In our latitudes, are common only a few species of snakes – grass snakes, Copperhead, snakes and vipers. And if the first three types do not represent a health hazard per se, the Viper can be a real threat to life. Of course, very rare, and rarely attack people.

However, the Viper bite poisoning acts on the internal organs, blood, respiratory system and other vital systems.

To distinguish the Viper from other non-poisonous snakes found in our area, the inexperienced person would be very difficult. At first glance, the Viper appears to be a copy of Copperhead and a harmless snake is also easily mistaken for a poisonous snake. So fear is the meeting with any snake – just because she can be a Viper.

How to deal with a snake?

It should be noted that the snake never crawl onto the sites just out of curiosity. They are afraid of people not less, than we are of them, but they can attract food. Sometimes attract snakes waste, but most often, mouse. Therefore, if the area has lots of mice, you should fear the arrival of the serpent.

What to do if the snake finally settled on the plot? It is important to say that snakes are an extremely important animal in the ecosystem and bring a lot of benefits. And Yes, the population is small, so killing them is not recommended.

Snakes can bring a lot of ways. To get started is to just try to make fire and to burn rubber, smoke and smell from such a fire, believed to be very scares away snakes. However, snake managed to significantly build on the land and constructed the nest. In this case, the socket is advised to destroy and snake will have to choose a new place to live.

You can still try just to get on site, get rid of tall grass, shrubs, i.e. from places where snakes usually hide. It is known that snakes tend to avoid burned areas, so it helps to spread out the embers, to snake decided not to move forward on the plot.

If snake drive fails, or you don’t want to move it to the neighbors, then there are two options – catch her, or kill her. To catch a snake – is a dangerous business, so it is better to unprepared person it is not solved. But for the Forester, it’s possible, it would be no problem. So try to contact the nearest Ranger station or to the rescuers. It is possible that you will help and the snake will relieve.

If all options are exhausted, then the snake will have to kill. This can be done in myriad ways. You can risk and guide on reptile cat or dog – can be no doubt who will emerge victorious from such a confrontation. However, it is likely that the snake will still bite your pet, and in the worst case he will die.

The snake can poison, but you can just hack to death with a shovel. However, you need to be very careful. It is better to approach a snake in high rubber boots, snakes usually bite it in the legs, and the boots to bite, they would never succeed. If the snake did bite you, then hurry up and suck the poison out and seek help from doctors.

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If the garden is infested snakes
Many gardeners think that Ukraine is not inhabited by poisonous snakes. Or, if they are, then is that somewhere in the dense forests of the Carpathians. However, this is not…

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