A Family of snake

Almost all snakes reproduce sexually, with the participation of female and male. Only certain species are capable of parthenogenesis, i.e. the reproduction is not transmitted sexually, and from unfertilized eggs without the participation of a male. There among the snakes, as a rare exception, and true hermaphrodites, i.e. individuals who are simultaneously female and male. Such exceptional case was recorded on the small island of Queimada-Grande, South America. There were found the snake, dubbed the island bothrops, among which, in addition to ordinary females and males, meet bisexual individuals who make up the majority of the population. These individuals are females, while the ovaries are the male copulatory organs and Mature testes. Such individuals may in some cases play the role of females and to breed, and the males are fertilizing other females (ordinary or hermaphrodite). The existence in the population of the island bothrops such unusual females is so efficient, the need for normal males has dropped, and their share in recent years has declined.

The female from the male in the overwhelming majority of snake species difficult to distinguish. The serpent the visible differences include the differences in size of sexes (males much smaller than females) and males have longer and thicker at the base of the tail. In addition, males of many Boas have a much longer anal spurs than females. And colubrid snakes, on the contrary, in males these spurs are smaller than the females.

Snakes, because of their obvious external characteristics, courtship behavior is very simple. The male, sensing the smell of the female, crawling on her trail, catching up, and like other reptiles, tries to stop her. Unlike lizards, the male-snake it does not use harsh bites, but I try to block the chosen path. The males of some species with nodding your head excitedly. Do snakes even possible to note something like affection — male pressed against the female body and creeps along with her, repeating the curves of her body, in some species the female he’s holding onto his head.

Types of reproduction varies greatly among different species of snakes. Most lay eggs. There are snakes that carry the eggs inside their body until they are ready for hatching. Another group of snake is viviparous, meaning females give birth to fully formed young.

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